USDS helps CMS put users first with ‘API approach’

The United States Digital Service is helping Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services improve the user experience of its Quality Payment Program, according to Health IT Analytics.

Using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to manage data helps streamline the process, and allows others to develop tools to meet the needs of specific participants. Thanks to the help of USDS, patients and providers can now submit and access QPP data more easily through a streamlined user interface.

From the article:

‘Everyone has their own unique needs, and everyone is getting something different out of the QPP,’ said Shannon Sartin [Executive Director of the HHS US Digital Service Team].  ‘A rural clinic doesn’t necessarily care about exactly the same things as a large, urban hospital.  Their data is going to look different.  Their resources need to be tailored to what they’re trying to achieve…You can’t solve all problems for all people, but you can develop a core set of features that can then be enhanced and customized through an application programming interface.’


Read the full article: US Digital Service Revamps CMS, QPP User Experience from the Inside Out |  HealthIT Analytics 

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