USDS introduces ‘the newest breed of federal acquisition professional’

U.S. Digital ServiceThe U.S. Digital Service blog recently highlighted the agency’s announcement of the official creation of the core-plus certification in Contracting for Digital Services (FAC-C-DS).

This new certification helps government move away from archaic acquisition practices by creating “technology acquisition mavericks” — individuals that are trained to be creative and innovative in buying digital services and tools.

From the article:

Federal contracting professionals can learn about modern technology and how best to buy it. FAC-C-DS goes beyond the traditional rubber stamp classroom experience. Built upon an experiential model, the program immerses students in the digital service world. The resulting training, now referred to as the Digital IT Acquisition Professional (DITAP) Program, features self-directed and applied learning, hands-on skill building, access to experts, and team-based assignments — all accessed through an open source learning management system.

. . .

The FAC-C-DS certification program creates a market for digital service training in the government. We invite our industry partners to take this concept to the next level. Experiential, immersive training is a trend in academia and it is time to bring this model to government training. FAC-C-DS paves the way for industry to develop similar training programs for Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs), Product Owners, and other IT Professionals.

Read the full article by Traci Walker and Joanie Newhart: The Newest Breed of Federal Acquisition Professional: The Digital Specialist | USDS via Medium

Watch a video about the new certification from this Government Matters interview:

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