Vendors give props to DHS for agile procurement attempt

FCWEven though the Flexible Agile Support for the Homeland (FLASH) procurement was called off due to flaws, industry vendors applaud the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts toward agile acquisition, according to FCW.

In a July 26 letter to DHS Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa, several vendors who had been awarded spots to participate in FLASH offered encouragement and appreciation to the agency despite the disappointing outcome of the attempted contract.

From the letter:

[T]his is not a letter to blame, second-guess, or complain. This letter is to say “Thank you” to DHS. Thank you for taking a risk in the arena of government procurement that encourages risk-aversion. Thank you for aggressively seeking a new path, instead of resigning to working within the status-quo. Thank you for providing a forum to display our skills. Thank you for the hard work delivering the logistical miracle of conducting 100+ technical challenges. Lastly, thank you for being open regarding the successes, challenges, and missteps as we all seek to learn from this grand experiment.

Read the full letter: Open letter to DHS regarding FLASH procurement | GitHub

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