Victorian Human Services uses ‘platform plus agile’ to deliver faster and better business services

According to Government NewsVictoria, Australia, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is developing new applications more quickly than was ever thought possible using a “platform plus agile” approach.

DHHS CIO, Dr. Steve Hodgkinson, says this approach is about starting with the production platform, then building a minimum viable product on top of it, which is followed by iterative improvements. He notes that governments should start thinking of themselves as consumers of IT services.

From the article:

“If you are smart about how you use those [platform] products you can get a minimum viable product (MVP) running pretty quickly at a low cost and with low risk. Then get the MVP in front of users, get feedback and start the iterative co-design. It’s much less costly and it’s much less risky.

[Hodgkinson] says it means real digital transformation. “People see progress and they quickly realise which originally specified requirements were unrealistic. It ensures a more commonsense approach compared to older waterfall methodologies.”

Read the full article: Cloud strategy transforms Victoria’s largest agency | Government News

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