VIDEO: Acquisition innovators discuss benefits of modular procurement for government projects

At AGL Summit on May 23 in Sacramento, a panel of government innovators discussed how modular procurement can help agencies break large projects into smaller chunks of work to enable best digital services practices, improved accountability, and better outcomes.

Participants included:

  • Dave Zvenyach, who formerly worked with 18F and the GSA Technology Transformation Service to make procurement more joyful and effective; currently consulting to help governments and business work smarter together
  • Dan Levenson, who formerly worked as Digital Service Contracting Advisor and Contracting Officer for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; currently Chief Strategy Officer at AgileSix
  • Marc Jones, who serves on the AGL Association Board of Directors and is an open source expert and Compliance Engineer at CivicActions

Topics included:

  • How does oversight work in modular procurement?
  • Being honest about prioritization and trade-offs
  • How modular procurement changes the contacting officers’ role

The panelists showed how agile procurement practices can:

  • Save agencies from dependence on one large contractor
  • Encourage healthy competition (and better performance) by various vendors on a project
  • Make room for best digital service practices like user research which can get overlooked in larger, single-vendor contracts
  • Allow agencies to hire the best vendor for each job within a project
  • Make better use of contracting officers’ time 

Watch the video

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