Video: Experts Discuss the Partnership of Agile and User Experience

The natural connection between user-centered design and working iteratively is critical to staying on track in large government IT projects, according to two digital services experts who discussed the topic in a recent panel discussion.

Caroline Smith, digital service expert at the U.S. Digital Service and Natalie Kurz, director of user experience at Flexion discussed how the intersection between agile and UX is more than a process — it’s a mindset.    The panel was moderated by Larry Bafundo, director of product management at Ad Hoc at the AGL Summit on Nov. 7, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

“What do the users need, that’s the part that you always have to start from, before you can start to execute the process,” said Smith.   “For me, UX or human-centered design is always making sure that you understand what are the user’s pain points, what are their needs, and tying that back to the business needs.”

“Agile in its purest form is about options,” said Kurz.  “It’s about deferring decisions to the latest point possible … you want to use the information you have today, from your research and users, to use the information you have going forward, and those decisions may change during the next sprint or next month.  If you are constantly building to what you had six months ago, you are going to miss the mark.”

Watch the 40-minute panels discussion below.

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