Video: Help guide acquisitions by talking to the right person

The latest installment of Jonathan Mostowski’s instructional video series helps agile practitioners understand how to be proactive in the acquisition process.

“Talking to Contracting Officers” can help agencies share their needs with industry, and allows companies to offer helpful approaches before requirements are set. But communicating with folks in program management and technical leadership positions can be even more effective for prompting collaboration and helping government and industry solve problems together.

From the video:

This isn’t necessarily about walking the halls of an agency and blindly knocking on doors. It’s understanding the construct of the organization, where the decision-makers are, where the decision-makers are in the process of making decisions — and finding those strategic opportunities and people to help guide a mutually beneficial approach. Shaping government shouldn’t just be about winning something — it’s also important to help the government make good decisions for the entire country.

Watch now:

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