Video: How to break up with your legacy system

You and your legacy system have been together for a long time, but you know you need something new. But how do you do break up?   The answer is “slowly, piece by piece,” says Ashley Owens, Director of Acquisition at 18F.    Owens was joined by a panel of legacy experts at the AGL Summit on Nov. 7, 2019 in Washington, D.C.  where the group discussed the difference between using agile methodologies in developing a greenfield system versus using them to modernize a legacy system.   The panel included:

  • Adrien Abrams, Founder, Beeline Strategy
  • Ashley Owens, Director of Acquisition, 18F
  • Everett Harper, Founder and CEO, Truss
  • Alberto Colon-Viera, Engineer, U.S. Digital Service

The panel was moderated by Ann Dunkin, CIO, County of Santa Clara, California.

Watch the 46-minute panel discusssion below:

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