VIDEO: State and local government practitioners share ideas, priorities in open discussion on digital services

At AGL Summit on May 23 in Sacramento, government practitioners from state and local agencies and civic technology firms gathered to discuss and learn about the future of digital services in the state of California and beyond.

After a day of lightning talks and panel discussions on topics such as modern procurement, culture transformation, and agile project management, the Summit concluded with a unique opportunity for collaboration among participants through open space discussion. 

An ideation wall covered with sticky notes allowed people to vote throughout the day for the topics they wanted to dig into with their peers. Judi Brown, co-founder and Chief Impact Officer at CivicMakers, facilitated the open space discussions and encouraged folks to move around as needed to join the conversations that were valuable to them.

“This is where you get to share your voice on what you see as the future of digital services throughout the state,” she said. “Open space is about being where you want to be, when you want to be there.”

After a period of sharing ideas and experiences from their own agencies and projects, participants reported back what they had discussed to the larger group. The chosen topics reflected issues that are top-of-mind for many government agencies looking to deliver better digital services, including:

“How might we…”

  • Define agile
  • Build a more skilled workforce
  • Become more open with respect to culture, process, and technology
  • Align procurement officers with program managers
  • Enhance interorganizational communication and break silos

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