VIDEO: ‘Tech-Savvy Procurement Workforce’

USDS Director of Procurement Traci WalkerTo modernize public sector IT, government staff need to learn how to buy and manage modern technologies, according to U.S. Digital Service Director of Procurement Traci Walker in a recent interview with Government Matters.

USDS is helping prepare a workforce of IT procurement specialists through a new training program that will help procurement officers buy effective products for governments. It will also create a community of specialists skilled in “hacking” traditional procedures to accommodate industry best practices such as agile software development. Traci Walker shared some early successes and discussed the exciting future potential of the program.

From the video:

“The people that have been able to learn how to do this stuff are reinvigorated in their own Federal career ….With the release of the FAC-C Digital Service Training Certification Program there’s going to be a community of excellence around this topic that hasn’t been existed in the government before. [It will be exciting to see] a conference around this so people can come together to share strategies around new technology.” — Traci Walker, USDS Digital Service Director of Procurement 

Watch now: Tech-Savvy Procurement Workforce | Government Matters

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