WATCH: Agile workforce needed to achieve modernization goals, says OMB’s management chief

Modernization of massive federal IT systems will require an agile and flexible workforce, in addition to collaboration across programs and agencies, according to NextGov.

NextGov interviewed Margaret Weichert, deputy director of management for the Office of Management and Budget, about how this administration’s “holistic approach” to management can fix the government’s technology woes.

“We’re pulling together across, not only agencies—which has been done before—but across functions and across capabilities,” she said. “Really creating a holistic approach and a center of gravity. And then the last thing is assigning agency leaders—and in some cases more than one agency leader—to really provide a leading light around how we dig in and get this done.”

“I think that orientation and the folks we’ve got lined up are being held accountable, are committed to delivering,” she added.

Read the full article: Management Chief: Workforce Must Change To Reach IT Modernization Goals | NextGov

Watch the interview:

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