WATCH: DevOps has arrived at Colorado’s IT Shop

StateScoopIn a walk-and-talk interview published by StateScoop, Colorado Digital Transformation Officer Brandon Williams highlights the state IT office’s efforts to use DevOps to change how government works.

Milo Knezevic, a program manager who has pioneered the adoption of DevOps in the state, says “most of us had become complacent with delayed gratification when executing projects … but DevOps is going to help us change that.”

From the article:

In leading this charge, Milo has convened a cross-functional team, conducted DevOps training, ran exercises to refine our process and put a structure around DevOps to fundamentally change how government works. This change is a Herculean task to undertake inside the complex admin layers of traditional government development habits . . . Milo stares down complex tradition and says, “Nope. We can do this better.”

Read the full article: Walk & Talk: Bringing DevOps to Colorado’s IT Shop | StateScoop

Watch now:

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