WATCH: Local government panelists discuss the benefits of “scrappy agile” on AGL Live

Anna WhippleLocal government panelists met on AGL Live to discuss how they make the most of limited resources to adopt their own scrappy versions of agile and transform agency missions.

Participants included:

By starting with simple agile practices and adapting them to their agencies’ needs, they found they could build on small successes, increase customer satisfaction, and get buy-in from other parts of the organization.

“Don’t expect your first iteration of agile to work perfectly; it’s a work in progress and every team is different,” says Amy Rose, Senior GIS Analyst for the City of Dallas. “You’ll take the pieces that are working for you and make it your own.”

Anna Whipple, CIO for the City of Des Moines, says practicing agile is the best way to get better at it.

You get to be agile by DOING agile. You don’t have to wait for the perfect implementation, just get started with something really simple.”

Watch now:

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