Webinar: Overcoming cultural resistance to Agile in government

Watch the first of a series of webinars presented by DigitalGov that will cover issues related to Agile/Lean practices in government. These webinars are created by Agile practitioners in the federal space, familiar with the halting speed at which government adopts new methods and processes.

Their valuable experience is shared in this video about how to overcome the cultural resistance to Agile in government. Learn from those who’ve been there:

  • How to help your team shift from a “plan-driven model” to a “feedback-driven model”
  • How various personality types will react to Agile methods and how to help them adjust
  • How to guide your team through the inevitable stages of emotional resistance to change
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of common Agile myths and theatrics (“See, we’re Agile because we do burndown charts!”)

Watch the video:

You can also access the slides for the presentation – a helpful reference tool for your own efforts at overcoming resistance to Agile.

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