White House highlights Agile in ‘Lantern Live’ app development process

Lantern LiveThe White House gives a behind-the-scenes look at the agile development process used to develop the new Lantern Live app:

Agile development process

Under an agile development process, software developers prototype early and iterate often, continuously focusing on end-users and the tasks they need to accomplish. In this case, developers had to take into account that Lantern Live needs to be usable by someone in a stressful, disaster-impacted area. The Lantern Live development team will continue incorporating user feedback and observations into later updates to the app to improve the tool to better address on-the-ground needs.

Modern development stack

An agile approach only works if you have the tools for rapid prototyping and iteration, and a technology stack – a collection of technology components and services – that can easily scale. This is especially important for an app serving disaster-impacted citizens where usage can spike rapidly. The team identified a software development kit built on a Federally pre-approved  cloud environment. Using a modern development stack allowed the team to keep their focus on disaster-impacted citizens rather than technology building blocks.

via “Lantern Live” Mobile App Lights Way for Citizens Impacted by Disasters | The GSA Blog.

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