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Working Groups

Working groups form around specific projects or topics to support government innovation.

How do working groups form?

Working groups are ad hoc and consist of AGL members who want to work together on topics such as procurement, business development, policy, methodologies, training, or events. They make recommendations to the Board, solve problems, and produce resources to support the government innovation community.

How do they operate?

Working groups have regular meetings to maintain connection and momentum, even if it’s just biweekly or monthly. They meet virtually or in person. They can also organize for a short time around a specific project, then disband when the project is completed. 

Who can join?

Any AGL member can apply to be part of a working group. Learn more about membership here. You should be willing to contribute some of your time and expertise to help move the group’s activities forward.



AGL Live working group

Current working groups

Recommending and actively promoting policies that will help government shift toward a culture of learning and the use of modern, open technologies and practices.

AGL Open Learning
Increasing capacity of folks in government to understand and adopt innovative tools, culture, procurement, etc.

AGL Live
Facilitating online discussions with government innovation leaders and the community.

Business Development
Progressive industry firms sharing opportunities, leads, and best practices for serving government better.

Building a high quality member community and ensuring AGL provides value to members.