World Government Summit leaders discuss agile government

World Government SummitThe concept of an agile government is not restricted to software development. Leaders at the World Government Summit emphasized the importance of agencies adopting a mindset of agility during times of change and technical advancement, according to Emirates News.

At the Summit, bestselling author and journalist Steven Kotler identified several features of an an agile government: shared goals, equal participation, open communication, and readiness to adapt in order to serve citizens effectively.

“Agile government is a contradiction in terms because governments are not designed to meet situations with extremely rapid change. Most of our governments were designed . . . to meet the challenges of a very different time.” He added that technological breakthroughs represent huge opportunities, but also pose risks if implemented in an unregulated manner, saying, “These technologies are straining our existing regulatory structures.”

Read the full article: Governments need to demonstrate agility in times of change | Emirates News

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